Dear JSB community,
All JSB funds have been withdrawn from the general wallet by hackers, we are working with the authorities to find out who is behind this theft.
At the same time, we are contacting our partner exchanges to stop all JSB Token deposit and withdrawal transactions

🍀In order to ensure JSB Token compensation activities in the future, we recommend that Users do not transact during this time, because then we will not be able to check your transactions correctly.

We will make new announcements when we finish working with partners, you can check the stolen transactions here:

📌JSB team wallets to check for stolen transactions
📌Hacker Wallet:

👉If there is any information that can help us get the JSB Token back, please send it to email:

(👉If Hacker knows this information, please help us to recover the property, we will have a reward for white-hat hackers as a gift thank you for finding bugs in our programming. If you persist, we will work with legal authorities to get involved.



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